I've been involved with HITCON for nearly 20 years, transitioning from the "Taiwan Hacker Annual Conference" to the "Taiwan Hacker Association." What remains unchanged is the spirit of hacking, and what has grown is the responsibility we bear. We've evolved from a group of young hackers to a group of middle-aged ones. Though our bodies have aged, our spirits remain youthful because the essence of hacking will never change in our hearts.

The power of hackers is pivotal for the future, and the collective strength of a group of hackers can indeed change the world.

Through the "Taiwan Hacker Association," we aim to consolidate the expertise of Taiwan's cybersecurity professionals, working hand in hand to strengthen the security of our government and businesses and to heighten societal awareness about cybersecurity. Leveraging the HITCON brand, we aspire to connect with the world's leading cybersecurity experts, ensuring Taiwan secures a spot on the global cybersecurity stage.

It's not just us who harbor this fervor. This shared passion is why we founded the association, hoping to rally more to our cause, working collectively towards our mission. We wish future generations to pick up where we left off, passing down our legacy and ensuring the hacker spirit continues shining brightly in Taiwan.