HITCON FreeTalk 2017 - new threat to international financial information security: hackers rob Banks

Attacks on Banks have intensified in recent years, from the ATM heist in Taiwan in 2016 to the SWIFT cyber heist by Lazarus, a financial crime group, which has made many friends concerned about Fintech security take the issue more seriously. The purpose of this event is to share financial security technologies and lead financial and government departments to explore how to respond to the latest threats in real time.

Event Details

  • Venue: National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, IB101
  • Time: 2017/04/21 13:00 - 16:20
  • Organizers: Association of Hackers in Taiwan (HIT)
  • Co-organizers: Program for Promoting Innovation in Information and Communication Technology Talent, Ministry of Education; Practical Research and Development Program in Information Security, Ministry of Science and Technology