HITCON FreeTalk 2021- Analysis of recent supply chain and ransomware incidents

HITCON FreeTalk 2021  Analysis of recent supply chain and ransomware incidents

This FreeTalk session will delve into recent cybersecurity incidents to conduct an in-depth analysis, aiming to enhance public awareness of the severity of recent domestic and international cybersecurity events, and to improve corporate knowledge on cybersecurity.

Since the second half of last year, many local Taiwanese companies have been threatened by ransomware, with attack tactics and threats evolving over time. Globally, the Solargate supply chain attack stands out as one of the most severe cybersecurity breaches in recent times, causing significant impact and warranting a thorough examination and reflection on supply chain security. In the realm of smart devices, supply chain risks are also prevalent, and we will invite researchers to analyze supply chain security on mobile devices. The next part of the agenda will feature a sharing session from TSMC, offering a corporate perspective on cybersecurity challenges and solutions to these threats. Finally, the session will conclude with sharing on corporate blue team Best Practices, discussing concepts and methods for establishing cybersecurity defenses. Through case studies and shared experiences of attacks both domestically and internationally, this session aims to deepen understanding of corporate cybersecurity issues.

Event Details

  • Venue: Chinese Culture University Extension Education Department
  • Time: 2021/01/27 14:00 - 17:10
  • Organizer: Association of Hackers in Taiwan (HIT)