HITCON is dedicated to improving domestic information security technology. Since 2005, HITCON has been holding information security seminar, inviting well-known lecturers from home and abroad to share the latest information on cyber security. In order to cultivate talents and promote information security technology, HITCON began to organize training courses in 2014, inviting well-known lecturers to share their personal experience and to teach the training courses with hands-on exercises.

HITCON Training has been popular with students since its inception. The event began to expand in 2017, offering summer and winter courses, inviting professional lecturers and senior information security experts from home and abroad to personally teach hackers information security techniques in person. Topics covered Web Security, Mobile Security, Linux system security, reverse engineering analysis, digital identification, SCADA Security and other key cyber security technologies. Be ready to experience the latest attack and defense technology of information security here!